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Julie Thompson, ARNP-BC, is one of the Genetic Nurse Practitioners at the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center. She graduated from Troy State University. Julie is board certified by the National Certification Corporation.

Julie chose to become a Genetic Nurse Practitioner because she is a self-proclaimed “total science geek.” “I like to help people understand their health issues, so being a nurse practitioner in genetics is a perfect fit,” she says. Some of Julie’s clinical interests include genetics, hereditary cancer syndromes and hereditary cardiac syndromes.

Julie is motivated each day by the fast changing pace of the genetics field. “We are finding more and more ways that genetics can help prevent and treat cancer.” When asked what qualities best describe her care Julie says, “I’m a really good listener. I do promise to do everything I can to help you understand the world of genetics and what it means to you.”

Julie’s message to patients is, “Knowing your cancer risk can be scary, but I’ll help you understand what you can do to prevent cancer for yourself and others in your family.”

In her free time Julie enjoys playing music, studying history and gardening. She plays in a band called Bad Girl No Biscuit.


  • Troy State University


  • National Certification Corporation

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