What About Us?

Built to promote better mental and emotional health by giving kids an outlet to explore and understand their feelings judgement free. Cancer diagnoses and cancer treatments are complex and so are our feelings!

Crafted for kids 5-12 to help support and inspire hope in the midst of big feelings around a loved one being diagnosed with cancer.

What About Us? is based on emotional intelligence and uses a strength-based approach to promote better mental health. The aim is to build upon the child’s strengths and enhance his/her ability to cope with the stress related to their loved one’s cancer diagnosis. 

The group will:

Step 1

Increase the child's ability to understand and express feelings about their loved one's cancer.

Step 2

Teach the child how to communicate those feelings.

Step 3

Help facilitate coping with those feelings.

This free program meets for half a day on a Saturday and is facilitated by social workers with special training in cancer counseling. Kids participate in activities and projects designed to help them understand and express their feelings. Each session also includes yoga at the end, giving the social workers the opportunity to meet with the parents.

What About Us? has take home kits!

Our take home kits include activities for both parents and kids.

 It’s an easy way for the What About Us? program to come to you.

Upcoming Sessions

Call the Gems of Hope office at 319-558-4876 to schedule a session!