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Ask the Expert: Oncology Skin Care

skin care

Cancer treatment can take a toll on your skin. Tracy Lacina, who teaches the new Oncology Skin Care Program at the Community Cancer Center, discusses benefits of a good skin care routine and how this new program will help patients.

Tell us about your education and experience in skin care.

I received my license in Esthetics in 2009 and in July of 2010 began advanced training to become “oncology trained.” Since then I have been working to educate and promote “proactive skin care” for those whose lives have been affected by cancer therapies. In 2015 I was chosen to be one of six oncology trained estheticians to teach for Oncology Spa Solutions (OSS). I’ve spent the last 4 years as the mid-west regional trainer, for OSS and have had the privilege of teaching in many schools and day spas in surrounding states.

What can patients expect when attending the Oncology Skin Care Program? What are your goals when working with patients?

There are many things we can learn from what our skin is trying to tell us. My goal is to educate patients on proactive skin care and how to prevent skin irritations. I really want to stress protecting skin from head to toe.  During the program we will also discuss ingredients, sunscreens, makeup, things that we use daily and how it can affect our skin.

In what ways can a good skin care routine benefit a patient with cancer, both in terms or pre- or post-treatment?

Skin care is essential before, during and after cancer therapies. We can work together to get the skin in optimal condition prior to treatment (especially radiation) thus hopefully minimizing radiation dermatitis and by hydrating the skin before chemotherapy we may be able to reduce potential dryness.

I am here to help you manage treatment side effects. Like a good pair of shoes…not one size fits everyone. Skin care products are very much the same. I feel confident that I can help you to find one or two that help you.

Any words of advice or encouragement for those considering attending the class on the importance of learning and maintaining a good skin care routine?

One day a client called me back to book her second appointment, and her words will resonate with me forever.

“I wish I had learned about you before I started my treatment.”

She had come to me the night before her third round of chemo and she swears that after having had the service the night before she slept better, she had less anxiety about her pending treatment and completely believes that she was not as sick in the following days post treatment. This client continued services with me for the remainder of her treatment. We know that human touch is very powerful, and we also know that with touch we can release healing endorphins. As with all my services, I am mindful of what my client has been going through.

To register for upcoming Oncology Skin Care classes with Tracy, visit our events page.


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