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With a cancer diagnosis comes a new set of challenges for every patient and their family members. However, no one has to walk this path alone. We can connect you and your loved ones with a wide range of support services. This way, everyone can connect with people who are on a similar journey. Scroll through some of the support groups available below:

Cancer Really Sucks

An online resource for teens who have a loved one facing cancer. This website is designed by teens, for teens. They can post stories and participate in a monthly live chat. This program is put on by Gems of Hope. Learn more at

Cancer Survivors Network

The Cancer Survivors Network connects newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers with someone who has had a similar cancer experience. Sharing stories and supporting others helps us all. For more information call (319) 558-4876.

Please call (319) 558-4876 to learn more or visit our event calendar to find the next class.

Caregiver Support

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing for patients and their caregivers, creating stress for everyone in the family. We facilitate several caregiver events throughout the year to focus on family members and loved ones providing care and support for their cancer patient.

Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking demonstrations are a unique way to learn more about healthy living and cancer-fighting foods in a group setting. Nassif Community Cancer Center dietitians and guest speakers prepare healthy recipes and discuss their nutrition benefits. Attendees have a chance to visit with other survivors and share their stores while sampling new and exciting recipes.

Exercise Classes

When you attend an exercise class at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, you don’t just get a good workout – you get a support group that moves. Check out our group exercise class schedule and get connected with cancer survivors like you.

Grow Happy – Horticultural Healing

The Nassif Community Cancer Center and Culver’s Garden Center & Greenhouse have partnered to host horticultural healing sessions. Nature shows us that “curves” in life are part of living. A plant will adjust to find the right light or adapt to drought. Just like plants, we pass through cycles, too. Gardening teaches us to let go and embrace new obstacles that come along our path.


The Nassif Community Cancer Center and DKW Art Gallery and Studios are teaming up to celebrate the creative spirit of those impacted by cancer. Please join us for the HEALING POWER of ART – creative sessions!

Thyroid Cancer Support Group

In association with ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc., this support group is for thyroid cancer survivors, family members and friends. Join us to share information, experiences and coping strategies. For details, call group facilitator Jamie Garringer at (319) 481-2563 or e-mail

“What About Us?” Support Group for Children

“What About Us?” is a support group for children ages 5-12 who have a loved one going through cancer. The program is offered by Gems of Hope.

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What Is Farro?

Farro is an ancient wheat grain that originated in Mesopotamia. Contrary to popular belief, farro does not refer to one type of grain. Rather, it’s Italian for “ancient wheat grain” and often used


One Pan Farro, Mushroom, and Peas

Enjoy this Mediterranean grain cooked in a fragrant broth with mint, thyme, and sweet paprika. It’s delicious with mushrooms and peas but can be adapted with your favorite vegetables. INGREDIENTS



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