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Patient & Family

Providing support for you and your family.

Cancer is more than a diagnosis and treatment. It can bring many other challenges along with it. To help you and your loved ones cope with those challenges the Community Cancer Center has an oncology social worker on staff. She can assist you with various aspects of your cancer journey. From helping address financial concerns, to assisting with advance directives, or just providing a listening ear. Our oncology social worker will be there from your diagnosis all the way through survivorship.

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Healing Energy Work

What is Healing Energy?

Marion Patterson, HTSM-CP, healing energy worker at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, shares what healing energy is and how it can benefits cancer patients and caregivers. What is Healing Energy? 

cancer survivor

Cancer Diagnosis: Tips for Coping

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, knowing what to expect and making plans on how to proceed can help make this stressful time manageable. Our oncology social workers, Brittany Greig

Cancer Prevention Checklist

Cancer Prevention Checklist

Throughout the month of February we have been sharing with you some lifestyle changes to help prevent cancer. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help track your changes. Exercise Aim for

advance directives

Ask the Experts: Advance Directives

Our oncology social workers, Brittany Greig and Nancy Yeisley, answer frequently asked questions about advance directives. Advance directives (also known as advanced care planning) can be a difficult topic to


Anti-Cancer Recipes