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Lung Care Clinic

Whether you are a patient recently diagnosed with lung cancer and seeking education, support or treatment options, a heavy smoker in need of screening or someone diagnosed with a pulmonary nodule, the Lung Care Clinic at the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center can provide you the support and expertise you need. Anyone is eligible to come in for a consultation.

Give Your Lungs the Care They Deserve

A care coordinator helps every patient navigate through our Lung Care Clinic, connecting you with the right specialist and support team members for efficient and personalized care.

Overview of the Consultation Process

  • 1. Pre Visit

    Patients complete our Patient Health History and Information Form before their visit and bring it with them on the day of their consultation.

  • 2. Initial Assessment

    A care coordinator will meet with you to review your reason for your visit, your personal health history, family history and current medications.

  • 3. Examination & Diagnosis

    A pulmonologist, a doctor that specializes in conditions of the lungs, will review your medical records, including x-rays and labs, perform a medical examination and fully discuss with you and your care team the diagnosis and recommendations for further testing or treatment. The pulmonologist will also identify additional providers that will be consulted as your diagnosis is being made and your treatment plan is developed.

  • 4. Follow-up & Treatment Plan

    Your care coordinator will review all the information the pulmonologist provided to you. If additional testing is required these will be scheduled for you as well as a return appointment to discuss these results and establish a definitive treatment plan.

Additionally, please bring:

  • A photo ID, insurance and prescription cards
  • Complete list of medications you are currently taking including vitamins, supplements and other over-the-counter medications

Meet Your Team


Call (319) 558-4876 to schedule an appointment with the clinic.



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History Form

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