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Honoring Someone Near and Dear

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Care coordinator helps patient get the services and support she needs.

“Casual for a Cause” day helps local business celebrate co-worker and cancer survivor

On February 2, 2017, Kellie Lindblom was at work when she learned she had colon cancer. One month later, her friends and co-workers at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust (CRBT) recognized National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month with a special fundraiser in Lindblom’s name.

“I was still in the hospital when they had a denim day at the bank,” recalls Lindblom. “People who donated at least five dollars could wear jeans. This March they did it again. They raised $350 last year and $600 this year, all of which was donated to the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center in my honor.”

Lindblom adds, “It was very humbling. I’m usually the one who cares for everyone and here were all these people caring for me.”

Events like CRBT’s “Casual for a Cause” denim day help Nassif Community Cancer Center make a difference in the lives of cancer patients like Lindblom. Donations support Nassif Community Cancer Center services, from free wellness programs for patients and their families to the Spirit Patient Assistance Fund, which provides monetary support for transportation, food and other expenses for patients in need.

CRBT promoted “Casual for a Cause” on the bank’s Facebook page to help raise awareness of colorectal cancer and “to celebrate our dear friend and co-worker Kellie Lindblom.” This year’s post adds, “Today we celebrate with Kellie, as she is able to proudly declare that she is a survivor and cancer free.”

Donations to Nassif Community Cancer Center to honor a co-worker battling cancer or celebrate a survivor can take many forms. Businesses and employees can sponsor a photograph through “The Healing Power of Art,” sponsor a wellness class or creative art program or make a general donation in their co-worker’s name.

For more information on ways to give, please call Danielle Rauser, development director, at (319) 369-8100.


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