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LiveWell Talk On… podcasts from UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids are designed to educate, inform and empower listeners on a variety of healthcare-related topics to help them live their healthiest lives. Our experts join host Dr. Dustin Arnold, chief medical officer at St. Luke’s, to discuss current topics and trends in cancer care and treatment. Listen to LiveWell Talk On… cancer episodes below, and be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast listening app so you never miss an episode!

skin cancer

Ep. 116 – LiveWell Talk On…Skin Cancer (Dr. John Vander Zee)

Dr. John Vander Zee, plastic surgeon and skin cancer expert at the Nassif Community Cancer Center’s Advanced Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic, joins Dr. Arnold to discuss skin cancer. Types of skin cancer, prevention recommendations, and how the Advanced Melanoma and Skin Cancer Clinic is the one-stop-shop for skin cancer patients in the area.


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