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Massage Therapy

Part of our Integrative Wellness Support Service offerings, massage therapy can actually improve your health. Our licensed massage therapists can help alleviate common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as neuropathy, fatigue and post-surgical muscle pain. Massage is also a great way to combat the emotional strains of cancer and its treatment.

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massage therapy

Ask the Experts: Massage Therapy

Exercise and integrative wellness have been shown to provide many benefits to cancer patients. We are featuring our experts in a series of articles that will take a closer look

Massage Therapy

Ask the Expert: Massage Therapy

Laura Riniker is a licensed massage therapist trained in massage for cancer patients, lymphatic massage, orthopedic massage and Table Thai massage. “It’s so reward to see patients come through cancer and know we were there for them,” said Laura Riniker, licensed massage therapist.


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