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Care Coordinator Honored

The Guardian Angel program gives patients and families, even team members the opportunity to make a donation in appreciation of a physician, team member, volunteer or department that made a difference in their healthcare experience. A recognition ceremony is held for every Guardian Angel gift – giving special honor to those who go above and beyond. With the help of St. Luke’s Foundation, these gifts help fund programs and equipment that add to the quality of care at UnityPoint Health.

A grateful patient wanted wanted to do something special to recognize and thank their caregiver, so a Guardian Angel donation was made.

Guardian Angel:

Connie Dietiker

Message from the couple:

The one year anniversary of my diagnosis is around this time (I received my cancer diagnosis on 7/14/21 and surgery including skin graft was done on 7/28/21) for a Stage 2 melanoma on my right lower leg. I was lucky, as the cancer had not spread and the melanoma was removed. No radiation and no chemo.

My many friends and family were there for me. As I reflect on this past year I wanted to acknowledge my primary “caregiver” Connie Dietiker, RN from the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center. I work in the department next to Connie’s and didn’t really get to know her until I was her patient!

Connie was my life vest and anchor during the scariest time in my life!

She was there from the beginning (after meeting with the surgeon – shocking news to me), lending me her shower chair from home, teaching me how to take care of my skin graft, answering all my questions (a lot of time after hours) – it was a very, very slow process, bandage changes, etc. until the wound was completely healed. She handled all the paperwork for disability claims, etc. There is a lot of paperwork!

She is very patient (dealing with me and my anxiety!), very compassionate, and a very caring nurse – treating each patient with kindness, dignity, and offering to help them in any way she can. I was that individual and I have witnessed how she treats all her patients and I know in my heart she is not only my Guardian Angel, but an angel to ALL her patients! Nurses like Connie are gifted and rare. She is the epitome of that special nurse, so please help me to honor her for a very deserving Guardian Angel award.



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