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Healthier Holiday Beverages

In winter, I think all of us can envision the comfort of sipping a mug of warm cocoa or tea when those winter winds are swirling outside. Add in a fireplace and you’ll feel like you are in one of those holiday Hallmark movies!

In particular, the holidays have some traditional sweet treats, and we may be tempted to overdo. Beth and I have always endorsed the “all things in moderation” for healthy and joyful eating.  For example, try to eat one sugar cookie (instead of 3 or 4). We encourage you to slow down savor the treat. By enjoying these sweet treats in small amounts, we have the best of both worlds: no guilt and no self-pity.

Make sure you’re including fruits, vegetables, and lean protein with your meals. You’ll be less likely to overdo it on higher calorie foods.

We have also included some healthier modifications to a couple of favorite beverages.

Best regards for a great healthy holiday season!

Beth and Mary Beth
Your Cancer Center Dietitians


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