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Winter Healthy Eating Survival Tips

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Aside from the tangerines and other citrus fruit in season, it’s hard to come by a healthy “treat” this time of year.

Here are our healthy eating tips for staying on track this winter.

Beth and Mary Beth– Cancer Center Dietitians

  1. Valentine’s Day will be here soon  Talk to your loved ones early to discuss some healthier alternatives to the truffles and chocolates commonly given. Consider giving each other a non-food gift (there are great clothing sales right now) or make a charitable donation to your favorite charity or cancer center.
  2. Don’t forget to eat before you go to the grocery store!
  3. Safeguard your home. Don’t keep extra junk food (“disease promoters“) around. This decision starts at the grocery store. Consider using (or continuing to use) on-line grocery shopping to decrease the chips, dips, candies, cookies etc. that may find their way into your grocery cart. This is especially true if you forget to follow tip #2!
  4. Keep healthy food in the house. This will encourage you to eat more “protectors” or disease fighting foods. These include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.
  5. Fill 1/2 your plate with vegetables/fruits. Don’t forget to keep working on your fruit and vegetable intake, especially as you hopefully decrease your junk food intake this winter.
  6. Enjoy a taste. Keep serving sizes of “treats” small. We usually enjoy the first couple of bites of a treat the most.
  7. If someone gives you special treats as a gift, you can always have a taste and then throw the rest away. Yes… I said throw it away!  Is it better for that food to waste on you or waste off you?
  8. DON’T FORGET TO EXERCISE! Often exercise gets pushed aside. This is the worst thing to do right now. When our calorie intake AND stress levels increase, we need that exercise to burn up the calories and de-stress. Make it a new habit to take a walk some time every day.

Adapted from Julie “The Cancer Dietitian’s Holiday Eating Survival Tips.


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