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Move Beyond Cancer and Embrace Wellness for Life

Support services allow Sharon to move beyond cancer and embrace wellness for life.

Sharon’s journey with cancer began in 2013 when a spot was discovered on her right lung. A biopsy confirmed she had lung cancer and surgery was recommended to remove her upper right lobe.

After surgery, Sharon needed to regain strength and motion in her right arm. She was sent to Nassif Community Cancer Center where she quickly began an exercise program tailored specifically to her needs. As recovery progressed, she decided to get involved with other programs such as Tai Chi, yoga and healing arts.

Sharon works with Cancer Exercise Specialist, Matt Schmitz.

In 2015 Sharon looked to the Community Cancer Center’s dietitians after dealing with a non-cancerous intestinal problem. “Even though I wasn’t battling cancer they still cared,” she says. She attended cooking demonstrations and learned how to manage nutrition needs. She has been cancer-free for five years but still visits the Community Cancer Center on a regular basis, “I need something to focus on…the classes and activities have helped me find friendship, acceptance and compassion.” she explains.

Sharon describes her cancer experience with one word: luck. She feels lucky it was found, lucky for the care she received from her oncologist, Dr. William Fusselman with Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, and lucky to have the resources and team at the Community Cancer Center available to her. Sharon encourages others to utilize the support services, “If I didn’t feel at home here, I wouldn’t be here every week,” she says, “you’re treated like a person, not just a cancer patient.”

“The best part is it doesn’t matter where or when you were diagnosed and received treatment,” Sharon says. “There’s something for everyone here.”

To learn more about support services available at the Community Cancer Center, call us at (319) 558-4876.


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