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Cancer and Exercise: How a Little Physical Activity Can Go a Long Way

cancer and exercise

While the exact science behind why exercise helps to prevent cancer is still unknown, studies show there are three main factors that are thought to help decrease the risk.

  1. Exercise can change and lower hormone levels: One of the hormones impacted by exercise is estrogen, which in turn, lowers the risk for some breast and endometrial cancers.
  2. ­Exercise is thought to lower inflammation levels: the less inflammation, the better the body can repair damaged cells
  3. Exercise helps to regulate and lower insulin levels: This is thought to help prevent certain cancers from developing.

In general, exercise is the perfect medicine. It helps our cardiovascular system by improving our heart and lung efficiency and function. It increases lean body mass and strength, which in turn makes everything we do easier, and it also improves our brain function. Exercise helps us both physically and mentally.

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