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Photo Art Gallery Project Helps Patients in Multiple Ways

The Healing Power of Art

“Cancer runs in my family,” says Brian Scott. “It’s all over the place.”

That personal experience was instrumental in Scott’s decision to serve on the board of directors for the Community Cancer Center. “I was really interested in helping the center get off to a good start,” explains Scott. “We’re trying to deliver a level of coordinated care that wasn’t available before.”

Scott says the goal of the Community Cancer Center is to surround patients and their loved ones with support, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. He adds, “I wish this had been available when I was going through cancer with my family.”

Now Brian Scott and his wife, Molly E. Scott, have found a way to help others while honoring the memory of loved ones lost to the disease.

The Photo Art Gallery Project harnesses the healing power of artwork for the benefit of everyone impacted by cancer.

Research shows artwork can improve the patient experience by promoting healing, easing pain and stress, and increasing overall well-being. Through the Photo Gallery Art Project, donors can sponsor the placement of timeless images throughout the Community Cancer Center and St. Luke’s Radiation Center.

Brian and Molly Scott chose to sponsor three single-panel photos, each one memorializing different loved ones. In particular a photo of the Grant Wood Studio has special meaning to Molly Scott, whose family were longtime patrons of Wood.

Donors can choose from more than 100 beautiful images, from local landmarks to pastoral landscapes, by local photographers Ed and Molly Kempf (Impact Photography/Joe Photo) and Andrea Shriver. Each 16 x 24 panel is $1,000 and can be used to honor a loved one, celebrate a survivor or make a lasting gift for the benefit of cancer patients.

Proceeds support cancer center services such as nutrition consultations and integrative therapies that are not reimbursed by insurance.

The generosity of Lumir and Norma Newmeister and their sons made this project possible.
The generosity of Lumir and Norma Newmeister and their sons made this project possible.

Norma Newmeister, a dedicated volunteer and friend to St. Luke’s Hospital, Foundation and Auxiliary for over 40 years, had long wanted to donate art to the Community Cancer Center. She, her husband Lumir Newmeister, and their sons made the Photo Gallery Art Project possible by providing the seed money to get it started. They also donated two four-panel photographs— one placed at the Community Cancer Center and the other at St. Luke’s Radiation Center.

“We saw this as an opportunity to help cancer patients and their families by providing a more healing environment,” explains Norma Newmeister. Adds Lumir,“It’s rewarding to be able to donate to something you can see.”

Click here to view our photo art gallery project.

For more information or to sponsor a photo, call (319) 369-8100.


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