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Nassif Community Cancer Center – The Only Team of Cancer Experts You Need

Cancer is a serious disease, and you should feel confident in your diagnosis and comfortable with your treatment plan. Sometimes patients may have doubts or concerns and want to talk to another cancer expert to get a second opinion. The Care Coordinators at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, can assist with getting you scheduled with our team of cancer doctors and specialists. Receiving coordinated care from multiple cancer specialist close to home saves you precious time and gives you peace of mind.

The Tumor Board – A Collaborative Approach to Cancer Treatment

At the Community Cancer Center, the majority of cancer cases are reviewed at our Tumor Board. This is where our group of specialists from all areas of the cancer care continuum – oncologists, surgeons, radiation therapy doctors, nurses and others – gather to discuss your cancer case. They review x-rays and pathology together and exchange ideas about the best plan for you. This way your doctor can hear multiple perspectives and form the best plan to treat your cancer.

More than Just Cancer Treatment – Everything you Need Close to Home

Once you are confident in your diagnosis and treatment plan, surrounding yourself with valuable support services is an important part of your cancer journey. From group classes like yoga, tai chi and meditation, to one-on-one consultation for exercise, nutrition or psychosocial support, the Community Cancer Center offers these and so much more, giving you the most complete range of cancer support services in Eastern Iowa to compliment your treatment. This means you get everything you need while staying close to home.

Facing a Cancer Diagnosis?

Whether you’ve received a cancer diagnosis elsewhere and would like to meet with a member of our team to review your case, or you’re already in treatment and would like more information on how our extensive offering of support services can help you through treatment, call the Community Cancer Center at (319) 558-4876 or visit


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