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New Robotic Technology Revolutionizes Prostate Cancer Treatment

Learn about the exciting robotic surgery advancements being made and how it improves outcomes and recover for patients, including prostate cancer patients.

Minimally Invasive Advancements

This exciting and ever-changing landscape transitioned to the single port robotic surgery platform in the fall of 2019. Certain robotic surgeries, such a prostatectomy for prostate cancer, can now be performed through a single incision, paving the way for improved outcomes and quicker recovery including same day outpatient surgery. Patients who undergo single-port surgery report less pain and a faster recovery than with other minimally invasive surgeries.

What is Single Port Robotic Surgery?

During a single-port robotic surgery, the surgeon makes one small incision, either near the navel or abdomen, depending on they procedure. The surgeon then connects a single-port robot to the port and performs the entire procedure through this single small opening.

Single-port surgery leaves almost no scarring and patients need little or no narcotic pain killers after surgery. Most patients are able to leave the hospital the same day as their surgery and recover quickly.

Listen: Learn more about Single Port Robotic Surgery

Dr. Jonathan Rippentrop, urologist at Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, joins Dr. Arnold to discuss the latest advancements in robotic surgery, how it benefits patients, what advancements he sees coming in the future and much more.


Content source for this article: Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa


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