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Radiation Oncologist Honored

guardian angel

The Guardian Angel program gives patients and families, even team members the opportunity to make a donation in appreciation of a physician, team member, volunteer or department that made a difference in their healthcare experience. A recognition ceremony is held for every Guardian Angel gift – giving special honor to those who go above and beyond. With the help of St. Luke’s Foundation, these gifts help fund programs and equipment that add to the quality of care at UnityPoint Health.

Arbe wanted wanted to do something special to recognize and thank his caregiver, so a Guardian Angel donation was made.

Guardian Angel: Dr. Nick Loudas

Message from Arbe:

Dr. Loudas was outstanding in every way possible. He was patient, precise, considerate, committed, and generous with his time and knowledge. He was acquainted with all the speculative alternative treatments now being offered for prostate cancer and discussed them with me when I asked about them. He treated me like an important person, not a number in line for treatment and was untiring with the multitude of questions I had. I felt I was in good hands and most important, I trusted him and continue to trust him with my health. Again, I am grateful for my dedicated team at the Cancer Center.


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