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What is Healing Energy?

Healing Energy Work

Marion Patterson, HTSM-CP, healing energy worker at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, shares what healing energy is and how it can benefits cancer patients and caregivers.

What is Healing Energy? 

Healing energy work is a gentle technique to help people reduce the feelings of stress in their bodies/life. I use the term “healing energy” because I am trained in a variety of gentle, hands-on, or hands above techniques including Reiki, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries and Integrated Energy Therapy. Recall how good it feels when you are in a stressful situation, and someone touches your shoulder or gently holds your hand. You relax. You know you are safe. Others care and will “walk” with you. 

How can it benefit cancer patients and complement their treatment? 

People working through a cancer diagnosis face many decisions. When under stress people tense up, breathe shallowly, and stress hormones ramp up. To counter that and boost the immune system, it’s helpful to use relaxation techniques. Healing energy work is one relaxation technique. When relaxed, we make better decisions. Breathing deeply provides oxygen to the body and brain. Positive hormones like Dopamine Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins reduce stress hormones. Through healing energy, you can give yourself a DOSE of those positive hormones. We allow time to breathe easily and know, “We got this.” 

What does a typical session look like? 

Before the session begins, we will discuss and determine the patient’s comfort level for light touch or hands above techniques, and the use of essential oils. Patients may choose to sit in a chair or lie on a massage table. The session begins (and ends) with gentle spoken words, while quiet music compliments the setting. Treatment lasts about 35 minutes and is followed by a patient-led conversation. Patients remain fully clothed and should wear comfortable clothes and take off shoes and any jewelry other than special items such as a wedding band. 

How many sessions/how often do you recommend? 

Patients usually come monthly. More often when they are experiencing unusual times of stress. Perhaps different treatment schedules create a sense of anxiety, so they schedule short healing sessions to boost their immune systems. I also work closely with staff and caregivers. We provide the best care when we ourselves receive healing energy. I also go to skilled practitioners regularly to be my best self! 

Can patients do this at home? 

Yes! I share ways patients can promote relaxation and boost the immune system using simple healing energy techniques between sessions. We even have set up short sessions on the phone to calm the jitters. 

What would you say to someone who may be hesitant to try Healing Energy? 

Talk with your care coordinator. Several of them receive energy work regularly and can speak to its benefits. I would also encourage them to visit with me informally to chat about healing energy and how it can help them. 

Is there a cost to do Healing Energy sessions at the Community Cancer Center? 

For cancer patients, a thirty-minute session is $25, and an hour session is $40. For caregivers, the fee is $35 and $50 respectively. Payable by cash or check at the front desk.

What do patients have to say about Healing Energy? 

Patients share after receiving a healing energy session they feel calm, centered, and refreshed. One patient said it well, “It was like touching the ‘pause’ button, which gave me permission to let matters go.”

If you would like to learn more about healing energy or set up a session with Marion Patterson, call the Nassif Community Cancer Center at (319) 558-4876. To learn more about our Integrative Wellness program and how it can help you face cancer with confidence, click here.

Marion Patterson, HTSM-CP, is the Nassif Community Cancer Center’s healing energy worker. Click below to watch a virtual healing energy session with Marion.


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