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Alanna’s Story: Healing Energy Provides a ‘Welcome Balance in Life’

Alanna Sion of Cedar Rapids was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2020. Surgery and radiation treatments followed, which caused some side effects, as well as general disruption in Sion’s routine.

“I felt overloaded. There was an overall imbalance both mentally and physically,” recalled Sion. “I experienced side effects including lymphedema and scar tissue pain, as well as a general increase in stress with work, family and my health.”

Finding Comfort through Healing Energy

In December 2021, while attending a yoga class, Sion met Marion Patterson, healing energy worker at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, who introduced her to the concept of healing energy.

“A few people in the class had experienced Marion’s healing sessions,” said Sion. “And I’ve always been open to more natural treatment options, so I had no hesitation at all.”

Sion scheduled a session with Marion and experienced the benefits right away.

“It was fantastic. Marion has such warm energy radiating out of her. It’s very comforting,” she shared. “I felt a surreal grounding, a lowering of my heart rate and blood pressure and a true calming sensation. It was like I was moving in slow motion and had a feeling everything was in order.”

This positive energy carried over into other aspects of Sion’s life, even after the session was over.

“I would go about my daily life and feel that all is well. I had positive thoughts and reactions only,” said Sion. “There’s a flow and ease to everything. Almost like it’s surrounding and protecting me.”

What is Healing Energy?

Patterson is trained in a variety of gentle, hands-on or hands above, techniques including Reiki, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries and Integrated Energy Therapy. She uses the term ‘healing energy’ as a broad term to describe the service she offers patients at the Community Cancer Center.

“It’s a simple way to help people relax,” shared Patterson. “We know when people are under stress they breathe more shallowly, the blood pressure and heart rate go up, and the stress hormones flow. Healing energy is a way to counter all that.”

Patients may schedule 30- or 60-minute sessions and may choose how the session is done to best suit their comfort level.

“Before the session begins, we discuss and determine the patients comfort level for light touch or hands above techniques, and the use of essential oils,” explained Patterson. “Patients choose to sit in a chair or lie on a massage table. The session begins and ends with gentle spoken words, while quiet music complements the setting.”

Podcast Episode: Healing Energy
Marion Patterson, healing energy worker at the Nassif Community Cancer Center, joins Dr. Arnold to discuss healing energy work and the benefits it can provide for patients.


Providing a ‘Welcome Balance’

For patients who may be considering healing energy, Sion says to go for it.

“Give it a try. Marion is patient and kind and her healing energy sessions have been a magical gift,” she said. “I’ve gained a lightness, ease and positive flow to my days. It’s provided a welcome balance in my life.”

If you would like to learn more about healing energy or set up a session with Marion Patterson, call the Nassif Community Cancer Center at (319) 558-4876. To learn more about our Integrative Wellness program and how it can help you face cancer with confidence, click here.


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