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2015 Breast Cancer Quality Report

Early detection and advances in treatment mean more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before. In fact, the American Cancer Society says the five-year survival rate approaches 100 percent for patients whose cancer is detected at stage 0 or stage I. At UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s, seven out of 10 breast cancers are diagnosed in these early stages.

“We have a higher percentage of patients diagnosed at stage 0 or I than other  cancer centers in Iowa,” says Community Cancer Center Director Kimberly Ivester. “That’s good news. It means our community is doing a better job of screening, so we  can catch breast cancer sooner, when it’s most treatable.”

The Community Cancer Center partners with St. Luke’s Hospital, the only Cedar Rapids facility accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). To earn accreditation, breast centers must meet or exceed NAPBC quality standards. “St. Luke’s is above the national benchmarks for important quality indicators for diagnosis and treatment,” says Ivester.

The NAPBC advocates a team approach to breast cancer care in order to provide the best treatment options. The Community Cancer Center, St. Luke’s Hospital and Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa specialty physicians work together to provide comprehensive breast cancer care, from early detection through diagnosis, treatment, education and support services.

Breast Cancer Facts

2,390 New cases of female breast cancer in Iowa in 2015

70% Most breast cancers diagnosed at St. Luke’s are stage 0 or stage 1

99% The 5-year survival rate nears 100% when breast cancer is detected in an early stage (according to the American Cancer Society)

75% Women under the age of 70 accounted for more than 3/4 of breast cancers diagnosed at St. Luke’s in 2015


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