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The Healing Power of Art

Hospital artwork isn’t just for decoration any more. Research indicates art can actually help reduce pain, shorten hospital stays and improve the patient experience. People respond especially well to nature themes and familiar images.

Now St. Luke’s Foundation and the Community Cancer Center are offering a beautiful way to benefit cancer patients and their families through “The Healing Power of Art.” Donors can choose from more than 100 timeless images taken by area photographers, from local landmarks to pastoral landscapes.

Sponsored panels will be placed in the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center or St. Luke’s Radiation Center to honor a loved one, celebrate a survivor or make a lasting gift for the benefit of cancer patients. Proceeds support cancer center services such as nutrition consultations and integrative therapies that are not reimbursed by insurance.

You can view the entire photo gallery at here.

For more information or to sponsor a photo, call Danielle Rauser at (319) 369-8100.


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