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Focus on Food Safety

Beth and I recently held our 1st true Cooking Demo since the pandemic! One of the items we prepared was grilled chicken. As dietitians we are concerned about food safety because we see many people who have no idea about how to handle PHF’s (Potentially Hazardous Foods) or the newer term of TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety).

Here is a list the main TCS food but this isn’t a totally complete list.  

I suspect many readers will be surprised. None of these TCS/ PHF foods should be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.


Chocolate brownies with a frosting made with milk = need to refrigerate (milk isn’t cooked to destroy bacteria)

Chocolate brownies with a frosting made with water = no need to refrigerate

Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting = must refrigerate

Plain pumpkin bars = safe on counter (refrigerate after you add cream cheese frosting.

Stay food safe everyone!

Beth and Mary Beth

Oncology Dietitians

Food Safety Resources listed below:

Everyday Food Safety Resources for Health Educators | FDA

download (1472×2511) (

Food Safe Meal Prep Tips (

Here is a sample of a recipe that has the Food Safety tips already included with the recipe. It gives us great reminders!

Sample Recipes | Safe Recipe Style Guide (


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