Anti-Cancer Recipes

Good Food for a Good Life

We’re collecting and sharing our most popular recipes from our dietitians.
These recipes are for all cancer patients who are interested in healthy eating, whether you are still in treatment or have finished treatment.

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Crab Cakes with Mustard Dill Sauce

Crab Cakes with Mustard Dill Sauce

Servings Per Recipe:6 Servings Calories:175 Crab Cakes: 1 pound lump crab meat (1-pound cans can be found in the seafood department) 3/4 cup dry breadcrumbs, divided 2 egg whites, lightly

Vibrant Spinach-Walnut Pesto Recipe

Vibrant Spinach-Walnut Pesto

Prep Time: 5 minutesCook Time: NoneTotal Time: 5 minutes Servings:About 8 (1 serving is 2 tbsp.) Ingredients:  4 cups of fresh spinach 1/4 cup of walnut halves  1-2 small garlic cloves 2 tbsp.


Spicy Zucchini Fries

Different veggies I have turned into fries include beets, carrots and parsnips, and zucchini.  These “fries” are so juicy on the inside but also gives a perfect crunch from the

Greek Roasted Vegetables

Simple Greek Roasted Vegetables

These simple Greek Roasted Vegetables are a delicious one pan dish that pack a hearty flavor thanks to garlic and savory herbs. Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 30 minutes Servings:4 servings Ingredients 1 medium Eggplant, cubed 1 medium Red


DIY Microwave Popcorn

Ingredients ¼ cup popping corn Olive Oil Lunch-size brown paper bag Instructions Drizzle olive oil over kernels and toss until coated. (Use enough to cover kernels but not saturate them.)